Straten Consulting’s comprehensive assessment capabilities and our superior knowledge of SAP® technology, ensures that our clients receive the best solutions for their business needs. From initial project scoping to ongoing development and training, we build strong relationships with our client teams to develop a clear understanding of their objectives and help deliver exceptional results. Our teams are guided by our commitment to delivering superior quality and consistent governance of our projects. Coupled with that, is our ability to successfully leverage a large close-knit network of hand-picked senior independent consultants, to ensure our clients get the best skills and solutions possible. We take our commitments seriously and each consulting engagement is overseen by one of our highly experienced executives to ensure its success.

Big Data Consulting can help you with transforming your IT infrastructure and implementing Big Data technologies that let you capture, store, and leverage data-driven insights in real time.

  • Identify Big Data opportunities that align with your organizational requirements
  • Leverage Big Data analytics to deliver a competitive advantage and anticipate the future
  • Define a road map of your long-term vision for Big Data
  • Implement a Big Data platform using best practices
  • Compare on-premise, cloud, or hybrid to find the best solution for your business needs

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