IDoc Medic is the only SAP certified IDoc error handling solution in the market that works with standard and custom IDoc types. No programming required!

Globally, SAP customers have been on a quest for an easy to use IDoc error handling since the release of SAP ERP. Some customers have created a cost and time intensive solution that is typically focused on just one specific interface, while others have been stuck with SAP’s standard solution being complicated and difficult to use. IDoc Medic fills this gap by providing a feature loaded solution that is easy to implement.


IDoc Medic provides a simplified IDoc error handling process that will increase the efficiency of your work force. At the same time, you also gain new functionality that is not available in standard SAP. For example, IDoc Medic allows you to identify critical IDocs by using custom Key Business Indicators (KBI) like document value or quantity. Finally, it is possible to focus on important IDocs in your error queue.

Unlike standard SAP, IDoc Medic captures all IDoc errors in a single cycle. If you’ve ever worked with IDocs, you know that you can spend a lot of time correcting errors, but you can easily spend even more time on posting your “corrected” IDoc over and over again.

IDoc Medic not only improves the existing error handling process, it also offers new functionality such as: IDoc queue prioritization using KBI, integrated background processing to keep the user focused on resolving IDoc errors, custom error messages that are meaningful to your organization and time savers like error summarization to speed up the error handling process.

At the same time IDoc Medic is easy to use and, more importantly, easy to configure.

The illustration to the right displays an example IDoc List for sales orders with two KBI (Total Order Value and Quantity).

IDoc Medic includes two IDoc editor operating modes: Standard and Advanced.


This is the default end user mode. It is designed to guide the user through the error handling process by asking the user to correct fields it determines are incorrect. It also provides the user with drop down search lists and corresponding fields to identify the correct value. In addition, you can designate fields as display only or even hide them altogether.

The image on the right shows the Standard Editor of IDoc Medic.


Advanced Mode is even more powerful. It is designed to be used by super users or experts. Advanced Mode allows a user to freely edit an IDoc. In addition, it provides highly sought functionality to intelligently add/remove groups of segments (e.g. Sales Order line item).

The illustration to the right shows the Advanced Editor of IDoc Medic.

  • Simplified user guidance throughout the error handling process
  • Fully configurable through transaction SAP Project Reference Object (SPRO)
  • Freely definable error messages
  • Dynamic plug-ins, error-checking function modules and transaction linkage
  • No development is required for most standard or custom IDoc types
  • Unicode and Multi-Language support
  • User friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Fully compliant with SAP development standards
  • Edit and resolve errors for any IDoc type
  • Add new IDoc types by means of configuration
  • Resolve multiple errors in a single step
  • Add/remove logical group of segments (e.g. line items)
  • Control what can be edited to protect your sensitive data
  • Prioritize IDocs by KBI (e.g. Order Value)
  • Resolve errors continuously while posting corrected IDocs
  • Track previously edited on IDocs