• Software Solutions for SAP

    Straten Consulting is an established player in the 3rd party SAP solution development market that is pushing the limits of SAP by providing highly desired solutions to demanding customers.

    Unlike many other solutions in the market, our solutions are configurable and fully integrated into SAP. We also understand that many of our customers are operating worldwide and so our solutions always support localization.

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  • IDoc Medic

    IDoc Medic provides a simplified IDoc error handling process that increases the efficiency of your error handling work force while providing essential functionality that is not available in standard SAP.

    It also allows the prioritization of critical IDocs in your error queue by means of custom Key Business Indicators (e.g. document value).

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  • IMMC

    IDoc Medic - Mass Changes (IMMC) allows you to change a large group of IDocs in your error queue in a single step. This will help you accelerate your business workflow for IDoc interfaces which will allow your business analysts to focus on other tasks.

    Another usage scenario is the quick adjustment of IDocs for testing in a new SAP system.

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